Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Pancake Breakfast

Today is National Pancake Day throughout Canada and Happy Valley Goose Bay took part in the celebration.

Stanley Oliver is the Executive Director of the Labrador Friendship Centre.

He says the centre fried pancakes which they sold for $5.00, and there was a good turnout of over 200 people who came for breakfast this morning.

Oliver says Mayor Leo Abbass came for breakfast, and was joined by Federal and Provincial Representatives, Mokami Status of Women’s Group, Joe Goudie an elder, and the Military Police.

He says they are fundraising and all the proceeds go to the homeless and to support affordable housing in our Province.

Oliver says the celebration took place at the centers multi-purpose room, started at 7 am and finished at 10am.

He would like to thank everyone who came and gave support especially to those who helped out.

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