Thursday, February 4, 2010

Giant's Walk

Michel Andrew, otherwise known as Giant, has started his walk for awareness of diabetes and a healthy lifestyle.

Kat Piercey is Giant’s girlfriend.

She says Giant and a few others started the walk in Sheshatshiu on February 1st.

To date there are sixteen people walking to Sept. Iles, Quebec (their final destination).

She adds that so far they have walked a total of about 100 kms.

Amongst the group of walkers are six women, two of which just joined in Goose Bay.

Also in the group is Johnny Paul Rich, the father of the late Sebestian Rich, who died in a house fire in Sheshatshiu just recently.

Piercey says Rich decided to take part in the walk because it was his son’s dream to walk with Giant.

As of 12 noon, Giant & friends have crossed the bridge on Cartwright road.

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