Monday, February 1, 2010

Diabetes Trek

There will be a Diabetes Trek held in Goose Bay starting February 8th.

The trek will go from Goose Bay to Rigolet & back.

Jenny Elson is the Team Leader in Goose Bay.

She says participants will either walk, run or snow-shoe the distance of 314 km.

To join the trek, they must sign up, they will receive a water bottle and toque.

Participants use a pedometer to count their steps and keep a journal of the distance they have walked during the trek.

Elson says funding was made possible by Health Canada and that the chances of making it an annual event depend on whether they receive funding each and every year.

She says that the first three to finish the trek will receive a prize.

Elson adds that prizes will be related to promoting a healthy and fit life style.

The trek will go on until April 4th.

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