Friday, February 12, 2010

Vale Inco NL Update

Vale Inco NL has made 4 separate offers to the United Steelworkers Union employees of the Voisey’s Bay mine site. They have been on strike since August.

Bob Carter is Vale Inco NL’s Media Relations Officer.

He says the company has been trying to negotiate with USW in an effort to find a framework that can see a resolution to the strike in Labrador.

Carter says they met and had discussions with the Union in St. John’s in January and tabled the fourth offer, but disappointingly it was rejected by the bargaining team.

He says the day after negotiations broke down the company announced their intentions to re-start operations at Voisey’s Bay.

Carter says the company is always willing to go back to the negotiating table at anytime as long as the Union is prepared to go back to the table and talk in a constructive way on all issues.

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