Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Warm Weather isn't Worrying Cain's Quest Organizers

The unseasonably warm temperatures aren’t worrying the organizers of Cain’s Quest.

Todd Kent is a Co-Chairperson for the snowmobile endurance race.

He says the weather isn’t a cause for concern this early in the season.

Cain’s Quest was cancelled last year due to the conditions of the warm temperatures and ice.

The snowmobile race will bring the competitors right up the north coast of Labrador for the first time this year.

Also new this year is the ladies edition of the quest.

Kent says they still need 10 more teams for the ladies competition to go ahead.

Only two teams have registered so far.

The deadline to register for the ladies edition is December 15.

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  1. i wonder how much money the ng. govt. is going to dish out to cains quest , something that we do not benefit from.....