Friday, December 10, 2010

Industrial Inquiry Commission Granted an Extension

The Voisey’s Bay Industrial Inquiry Commission has received an extension for the completion of their report.

The date set out for the finish of the inquiry was originally December 23.

The commission’s report was due on that date.

The report will address seven different items contained in a terms of reference.

John F. Roil, Chair of the inquiry, requested the extension on November 30.

Roil feels more time is needed to address the items contained in the terms of reference.

Joan Burke, Acting Minister of Human Resources, Labour and Employment, has approved the extension.

The report will now be submitted in two phases.

The first phase of the report is due on the original due date: December 23.

This phase will address two of the items in the terms of reference.

The second phase is due no later than February 25, 2011.

This phase will address the remaining items.

Burke hopes the commission will view the extension as a last resort.

She hopes the reports will be submitted before the extended deadline.

The strike at the Voisey’s Bay site is now over 15 months long.

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  1. what about our useless preserdent jim lyall.and our so call goverment.this strike has gone on long enough ;still no back bone from them.start sticking up for your people.