Thursday, December 16, 2010

Elections on the North Coast

The councilors have been decided for the Inuit Community Governments (ICG) throughout Nunatsiavut.

Elections took place yesterday.

Beverly Hunter, Philip Abel, Darlene Nochasak, Martha Winters-Abel, Elizabeth Tuglavina and Mel Hurley will serve on the Hopedale ICG.

The new councilors will be sworn in this evening.

70 people came out and cast their vote for the councilors in Postville.

Mary Edmunds, Violet Flowers, Jaimie Jacque, Ruth Jacque, Sheila Priddle and Winston Sheppard join the Postville ICG.

These new councilors will be sworn in within the next two weeks.

120 people came out to vote in Makkovik.

Elizabeth Evans- Mitchell, Tony Andersen, Bernie Andersen, Randy Edmunds, Cyril Lane, Rory McNeil and Dion Rideout make up Makkovik’s ICG.

The newly-elected councilors will be sworn in Monday.

124 people came out and cast their vote in Rigolet.

Paula Flowers, Sandy Michelin, Max Pottle, Richard Rich, Elsie Wolfrey and Tony Wolfrey SR.are the new Rigolet ICG councilors.

Four of the new councilors were sworn in last evening.

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