Thursday, December 2, 2010

ULM Beneficiaries Wonder Where Their Celebration Was

While beneficiaries in the Nunatsiavut communities gathered yesterday to celebrate the fifth anniversary of the creation of Nunatsiavut, many Upper Lake Melville beneficiaries wondered where their festivities were being held.

Some of the beneficiaries were disappointed to find out that nothing was planned to mark the occasion in the region.

Nunatsiavut Government Director of Communications, Burt Pomeroy, says it had to do with money.

He says this was the first time Nunatsiavut communities held as many events to mark the occasion.

The Nunatsiavut Government had not allocated any monies in their budget for the celebrations.

He says the celebrations in the Nunatsiavut communities were organized through their community liaison officers.

Pomeroy ensures the beneficiaries that something will be organized to mark the occasion in ULM next year.


  1. People from Goose Bay say that One Lady tried to get something on the go but no one would help her. Goose bay office, ordinary member and Minister just wanted their day off. They are quick to criticize Nunatsiavut but when it comes time to celebrate and recognize who we are, they do nothing. If money was involved they would've been celebrating hard I bet. Greedy and shameful . They have proved they have forgotten who they are and just wants money .