Monday, December 20, 2010

Things Looking Up for LIDC

Things are starting to look up for the Labrador Inuit Development Corporation (LIDC).

Chris Webb is the Assistant General Manager for LIDC.

He says in light of all the challenges the LIDC has faced in the 2010 season, a corner has been turned.

Webb says despite some major decisions to suspend some major operations, it has been a busy year for the LIDC.

The LIDC is currently undergoing corporate restructuring and a governance review.

He says operations for their core businesses have been successful.

They include the base camp at the Torngat Mountains National Park, Postmill Lumber and their tugs and barges operations.

Webb says each of these operations are well positioned and moving forward.

He says the management team is continuing to draft the budget and business plan for 2011/2012.

The plan will assess the viability of the operations at the Ten Mile Bay Quarry and Hopedale Stone Plant.

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  1. It was only a matter of time and a little housekeeping!