Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Nain Fish Plant Back in Production

The Nain fish plant has gone back into production smoking char.

Keith Watts is the General Manager with the Torngat Fish Producers Cooperative (TFPC).

“We’ve run out of smoked fillets for sale at the office right now and we’ve sold more up to this point then we sold all last year in smoked char in the office. For some reason sales are up, which we’re not complaining about. We needed more smoked char so we flew back some head-on, gutted char for Nain plant to smoke for us so that would get us through rest of the year.”

About 3, 000 pounds of Char has been flown into Nain for smoking.

Watts says they’re expecting a return of about 1500 to 1700 pounds of finished product.

“We’ve looked at the numbers. It helps us in order to have smoked char available and we don’t like to not have it because it’s probably the product that most people look for. It is costly to fly it up and bring it back, but still it’s better in the long run to have it.”
Watts says that it is fortunate the weather has been so mild.

In colder temperatures they may not have been able to open the plant.

The smoked char will be available for sale at the TFPC Happy Valley-Goose Bay office.

The TFPC board is currently gathered in Happy Valley-Goose Bay for meetings.

Watts says included in the agenda is an overview of TFPC’s yearly operations.

Also on the agenda is the creation of a single fishing entity.

Watts says there will be officials from the Nunatsiavut Government present to discuss the status of the project.

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