Thursday, December 2, 2010

Nunatsiavut First Minister Discusses Lower Churchill

The Nunatsiavut Government wants to ensure that the Lower Churchill development will provide long-term benefits to Labrador Inuit with minimal impacts to the environment.

Darryl Shiwak is the First Minister.

He says the Nunatsiavut Government is neither endorsing nor opposing the project.

Shiwak says the Nunatsiavut government’s main concern lies in the protection of the environment.

While still providing benefits to Labrador Inuit.

The First Minister says those benefits should include lower electricity rates in Nunatsiavut communities.

He says Nunatsiavut residents pay some of the highest energy rates in the province.

Shiwak fears that the existing diesel generators will not be able to accommodate the future energy needs of the communities.

Some of the communities have already been facing problems keeping up with energy demands.


  1. it's about time our so called government spoke about the lower churchill but why ask for lower power rates, fight for a power line to the coast,

  2. ask the innu for lower rates they control the government, if natuashish residents had to pay their light bill you would have a powerline on the coast tomorrow...