Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Researcher Discusses Seal Pup Births

Reports have been coming in from residents all over Nunatsiavut in recent weeks claiming to have spotted harp seal pups being born.

We contacted a researcher today to discuss the sightings.

Gary Stenson is a Researcher with the Department of Fisheries and Oceans.

He says that if they are in fact harp seal pups, it is highly unusual.

Harp seals usually give birth in late February or early May.

Stenson says that it’s also unusual to spot harp seal pups north of the Groswater Bay area.

He says that there may be some confusion between harp seal and gray seal pups.

The pups of those seals are similar in appearance.

He says although gray seals are not common in northern Labrador, they have been spotted as far north as Nain.


  1. this reseacher dont know what he's talking about.we always seen harp seal in the fall on the north for the seal was a harp.there was hundred or more adult harps all ashore on the beach.