Monday, December 13, 2010

Communities Preparing for Christmas Hampers

It’s that time of year again.

Communities along coast are getting ready to distribute their Christmas hampers.

We spoke to the different groups in each of the communities that are organizing the hampers.

Elsie Diamond is helping organize the hampers in Nain.

She says things are going well.

The hampers will be distributed on the December 22.

There are about 150 hampers that will be distributed to families in Nain.

She says the hampers are made possible through donations from the different organizations in the community.

The Moravian church in Hopedale is organizing the hampers in their community.

Their hampers are made possible through donations from the local stores.

So far they have put together about 68 hampers.

The hampers will be distributed from December 20-21.

The community of Postville takes a different approach to the hampers.

They distribute gift certificates in place of hampers.

The Postville Inuit Community Government is organizing the effort in that community.

They hope to have the certificates distributed by December 20.

There are at least 30 gift certificates to be given out.

Makkovik also chooses to use gift certificates in place of hampers.

Carol Gear is helping organize the distribution of the gift certificates.

She says they will distribute the gift certificates from December 21-22.

They have between 50-60 certificates to hand out.

The Anglican Church is organizing the distribution of food vouchers in Rigolet.

They will distribute the vouchers December 20.

They are expecting to hand out approximately 20 food vouchers.

A number of churches are organizing the hampers for Upper Lake Melville.

They will distribute the hampers from December 20-22.

They still don’t have a figure of how many hampers will be distributed.

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