Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Torngat Housing Update

It’s an especially happy holiday season for some families along the north coast.

Construction has been completed on a number of the Torngat Regional Housing Association’s houses.

The completion allows some families to spend Christmas in their new home.

William Lucy is Torngat Regional Housing Association’s (TRHA) Coordinator.

He says from the five new units in Nain, two families are now occupying their new homes.

One more family will be moving in very soon.

The two other families should be moved into their new home by the weekend.

Lucy says two homes were turned back over to TRHA and brought up to standard.

One of the homes has already been turned over to a new family.

The keys for the other house will be delivered in about a week’s time.

Lucy says one family is moved into their new home in Hopedale.

There are five houses being constructed or renovated in the community.

Another family has moved into a home that has received a complete renovation.

Another new house is just about complete in the community.

He says three of the new units will be completed after the holiday season.

Two new homes should be completed by the end of this week in Makkovik.

Lucy says one unit in Postville is about 90% complete.

It will be ready for occupancy before Christmas.

There are two new units being constructed in Rigolet.

One of the homes will be ready for the lucky family before Christmas.

Unfortunately, the other home will only be completed after the holiday season.

Lucy adds that overall the construction itself is going well.

He anticipates that some of the crews will be working well into January, and possibly into February.

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  1. here in Rigolet they have been working long enough to build 5 houses not 2 which are still not done