Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Nain Gets More Monies for Makework

The Nain Inuit Community Government’s (NICG) community enhancement program has been expanded with additional funds from the province.

Dasi Ikkusek is the town manager.

She says the additional funding is a big help for people in need of more hours to qualify for their employment insurance benefits for the winter.

Ikkusek says they have 13 people hired through the program.

Some of the male workers have repaired existing garbage boxes and constructed new boxes for the town.

Ikkusek says the male workers are also making Kamotiks and children’s Kamotik push boxes at the old fire hall.

She says one worker is making crafts such as church caps, skin boots and moccasins.

Some of the participants are also doing inventory at the NICG office.

Ikkusek says the enhancement program will continue late into the winter.

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