Friday, April 23, 2010

Vale Inco Consultations

Vale Inco wrapped up a meeting in Makkovik this week.

A representative from the company is travelling to each community in Nunatsiavut as part of their annual community consultations.

A representative of the Nunatsiavut Government is also on hand for the meetings.

Todd Broomfield is the Ordinary Member for Makkovik.

He says the meeting left residents with a feeling of satisfaction.

The majority of the attendees were members of the community who are currently on strike.

Much of the discussion focused on the Impacts and Benefits Agreement.

He says residents wanted clarification on how the provisions of the IBA relate to the current strike.

Also up for discussion was the NG’s request to delay the shipment of ore from the Voisey’s Bay site this spring.

Broomfield says he feels the meeting in Makkovik went very well.

And residents walked away with a better understanding of the current situation.

Community consultations have also taken place in the communities of Hopedale and Postville.

Nain residents are invited to attend the consultation this evening.

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