Tuesday, April 20, 2010

DHSD Logo Contest

Once again the Nunatsiavut Government is advertising a logo contest.

The submission is for the Department of Health and Social Development.

This symbol will be used for their mental wellness and healing programs.

The requirements of the design are as follows:

- Inuit culture/heritage and the strength of Inuit.
- A lit Kudlik, Inuksuk & the Chert (stone spear).
- The passing of knowledge, traditions, strength from past & present generations to the next generation.
- Showing/guiding the way towards mental wellness and healing.
- Hope for the future.

Submissions are to be sent to Gwen Watts.

And the following methods of submitting are:

Mail: Nunatsiavut Government
Department of Health & Social Development
P.O. Box 496, Station C
Happy Valley - Goose Bay, Labrador, NL A0P 1C0
Attention: Gwen Watts

Email: gwen_watts@nunatsiavut.com

Or if you are in the Goose Bay area, you can drop it off at the Regional Office on 200 Kelland Drive.

For more details visit: www.nunatsiavut.com.

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