Thursday, April 29, 2010

Game Show 'Jeopardy' features Nunatsiavut

The popular game show Jeopardy featured Labrador as a topic on last night’s show.

The quiz show is hosted by Canadian, Alex Trebek.

In the double jeopardy round, Labrador was the fifth topic introduced.

Not only was Labrador featured but Nunatsiavut as well!

The $800 answer was: ‘In 2005 these native people created a regional government called Nunatsiavut to preserve their culture’.

The question ‘Who was Inuit’.

And the contestant got it right.

For the $1600 the answer: ‘Found on the coast, opalescent specimens of feldspar known as labradorite are sold under this “lunar” name’.

Once again, the contestant was right, with the question ‘What is moon eyes’, otherwise known as anorthosite.

Unfortunately, time ran out for the round and the last answer for Labrador was not given.

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