Friday, April 16, 2010

Umiak 1 Update

United Steel Workers (USW) Union Local 9508 President Darren Cove is happy with the results of the Umiak I protest.

Cove said he was satisfied that the protest went as scheduled.

He also pointed out that the union accomplished its goal of not letting the ship go through uncontested.

According to Cove, the USW is not pleased with the Nunatsiavut Government’s decision to let the Umiak I through in the first place.

However, he appreciates the NG’s call for the two sides to get back to the negotiating table and bargain in good faith.

Cove feels the NG should make a stronger stand and throw its support behind the striking workers.

He would also like to see the NG Assembly candidates back the NG’s beneficiaries.

Cove wants the candidates to state their union support as part of their campaign platforms for the upcoming election.

As for the Umiak I, the USW isn’t planning any more protests due to the poor ice conditions.

The union will be monitoring the ship and following it back to Quebec City.

The Umiak I is currently docked in Edward’s Cove and waiting to take on ore.

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  1. I don't know why the union thinks the government should back them regarding this strike. It is a private union fighting with a private company. Any responsible government would keep out of it and let the two parties handle their own affairs. If NG government got involved and took the workers side, there would be no more companies ever coming in and investing any more money in labrador mining. They would just take their billions elsewhere and we'd all be out of work.