Thursday, April 29, 2010

Advanced Polls Submitted - Ordinary Member Elections

An advance poll took place for Ordinary Members for the Nunatsiavut Assembly on Monday, April 26th.

This advancement is for beneficiaries who won’t be home on the day of the vote cast their vote.

Jack Shiwak of Rigolet is the Nunatsiavut Electoral Officer.

He says the results of the ballot for each of the communities are:

Goose Bay received 81, North West River had 17, Rigolet with 11, Postville got 19, Makkovik receiving 16, Hopedale 12 and 13 for Nain.

For the 2 communities of Goose Bay and Nain that have 2 candidates to be voted in for Ordinary Member.

Shiwak says beneficiaries have the option of making a single vote and not spoil the ballot.

He also says if a beneficiary happens to cast a vote for three candidates, than it would be considered a spoiled ballot.

One member will be selected in the other towns in Nunatsiavut.

The ordinary polling day is Tuesday, May 4th.

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