Monday, April 26, 2010

USW Anti-Scab Legislation

The United Steelworkers Union continues its effort to introduce “anti-scab” legislation.

Boyd Bussey is the representative for the United Steelworkers Union.

He says they met with the Minister of Natural Resources, Kathy Dunderdale, earlier this month.

The meeting was requested by the union through the Federation of Labour.

The parties discussed how the provincial government could assist in ending the strike.

One suggestion was for the government to introduce what Bussey refers to as “anti-scab” legislation.

Bussey says that a company’s ability to hire replacement workers prolongs the length of strikes in this province.

He says the union would need the support of Provincial Ministers and the Premier to introduce such legislation.

Dunderdale says she was more than happy to meet with the union representatives.

She ensures that she will be relaying the information presented in the meeting to the cabinet and Premier.

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