Thursday, April 29, 2010

More Housing Units For Nain

Earlier this month, MHA Patty Pottle made a few announcements for Labrador from Provincial Budget.

One was that the Newfoundland and Labrador Housing Corporation (NLHC) will receive the funds to build new apartments in Nain.

So we contacted NLHC for confirmation and more information.

Glenn Goss is the Executive Director of Engineering and Human Resources for NLHC.

He says 1.2 million dollars was provided to build four new units in Nain.

And right now they’re working with the Community Government to find land to build the units.

Once that is complete, tenders will go out for contractors.

Goss says the plan is to build a quadra-plex, with two bedrooms in each unit.

But, that all depends on the land they are to build on.

He adds that construction probably won’t start until the summer of 2011.

We will continue to track this story, so keep tuning in for further details.

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