Thursday, April 29, 2010

Driving The Trans Labrador Highway Extension - Cartwright to Goose Bay

The trans-Labrador highway has provided an opportunity for Labrador residents to cut their traveling time drastically.

For the first time, people are able to drive directly to Labrador cutting out the extensive route through Quebec.

Janice Webb recently traveled the newly finished extension of the highway from Cartwright to Goose Bay.

She says that condition of the highway was relatively good with the exception of a few kilometers.

The department of transportation and works is advising travelers not to drive by car or minivan.

Webb says that she made the drive in a U-Haul.

She arrived in Goose Bay Tuesday just before midnight.

Webb says the condition of the road had drastically increased her traveling time.

She says at one point she had traveled about 5 km per hour because of the road conditions.

Despite the state of the highway Webb says the drive was beautiful.

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