Thursday, April 29, 2010

Nunatsiavut To See Early Price Fuel Lift?

Residents of the north coast may see a change in the price at the pumps earlier this year.

The unseasonably warm temperatures may cause the date of the price freeze on fuels to be lifted sooner than in past years.

David Hillier is a Research Analyst with the Petroleum Pricing Office (PPO).

He says the PPO is monitoring the ice conditions earlier than it normally would.

It has already begun consultations with suppliers and the Department of Transportation.

It is doing so in anticipation of the possibility of an earlier ice break up.

For residents of the region, the anticipation lies in the price change that comes with the lift.

Hillier says that he cannot offer any predictions as to the price of fuel when the freeze has lifted.

He says the problem with making predictions is the unpredictability of global fuel prices.

Last year the price freeze was lifted on July 02, 2009.

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