Monday, April 12, 2010

Easter Games Week in Nain

We spoke to the Recreation Director, Lisa Ivany.

The Recreation Department held Easter Games last week, starting with a Bingo Night on Saturday April 3, 2010.

Here are some highlights during the games.

There was a Senior’s Breakfast held at the Hall on Sunday. They served toast, bologna, ham, sausages, pancakes and boiled eggs. They had a good turnout.

There was an entertainment night held last night at our local gym.

A first ever, baby pageant was held. The baby boys dressed up as little girls and the little girls dressed as baby boys.

There was a tie between two little “girls”. Jamal Kohlmeister was Jasmine and Johnny Jararuse was Miss Ikigas√Ętsuk.

Adult beauty pageant winner was Miss Goldie Locks, Jeremy Ivany. The judge was a person from out of town, who didn’t know anyone.

There were 8 participants for this pageant.

Labrador Idol winner was Karrie Obed.

Step Dancing winners were Larry Anahatak and Rose Jararuse. The judges were Boas and Sue Bennett.

They had one Snowmobile Race, this was due to poor weather conditions.

Poker Race was won by Michael Dyson.

First ever Amazing Race was won by Julius (Bubba) Pijogge and Johnny Harris.

Awards Night will be held tonight at the hall at 7 pm for all ages.

Ivany adds that there would be bigger prizes if there were more participants.

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