Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Ship Protest

Yesterday, the Umiak I was set to cross 10 mile Bay, despite the season being closed.

Many USW strikers of Local 9508 were set to stop the ship from going into Edward’s Cove.

They were ready to go on to the ice and protest.

Supporters were also willing to do what they could to help the strikers.

$15 worth of gas and some lube was provided to anyone willing to protest.

Once everyone was ready to do that, Darren Cove, USW Union President had a few things to say.

He said that going on to the ice absolutely wouldn’t help at the bargaining table.

He advised everyone not to go on the ice to try to stop the ship.

Strikers and their supporters were not impressed.

Keep tuning in to hear any more developments of the Local 9508 strike.

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