Monday, November 15, 2010

Torngâsok Begins Process For New Facility

The Torngâsok Cultural Centre has begun the process of constructing a new facility.

Dave Lough is the Director of Torngâsok.

He says the need for a new building was there even before the huge fire claimed their old office in 2005.

The centre has hired Todd Saunders, an architect originally from Newfoundland who is now living in Norway.

Saunders is currently designing other buildings in Newfoundland.

Lough adds they've chosen Saunders because he is world-renowned for his work.

Beneficiaries are still invited to submit any ideas they might have for the facility.

Concepts of the new Torngâsok Culture Centre can be viewed at the Nunatsiavut Government office in Nain.

Lough joined the Nunatsiavut Government staff this month.

He says it has been nearly 40 years since he was last in Nain.

He adds that he nearly jumped at the opportunity to come back to Northern Labrador.

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