Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Conservation Measures Created to Combat Decline in Caribou Population

The provincial government has released conservation measures in an effort to address an alarming decline in the George River caribou herd.

A recent census has shown a dramatic decline in the number of caribou.

The George River caribou herd is now estimated to contain approximately 74, 131 animals.

That’s a large decline from the last count which was estimated at approximately 385, 000 caribou in 2001.

That population was also a steep decline from the estimated 776, 000 caribou in a 1993 census.

The provincial government has taken steps to combat the ongoing decline.

The commercial caribou hunt, non-resident hunting through outfitters and the resident caribou license system have all been suspended.

The allowable harvest has also been reduced from two caribou to one for each licensed harvester.

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