Friday, November 19, 2010

Aurora Energy Community Visits

Aurora Energy Resources will be visiting Nunatsiavut communities next week.

Andrea Marshall is with Aurora’s Media Relations.

She says next week Aurora Energy will start the community visits in Makkovik.

Marshall says they will be there to answer any questions residents may still have regarding uranium exploration.

Marshall adds Aurora Energy Resources will continue these visits in Nain and the Upper Lake Melville region in the New Year.

1 comment:

  1. There will soon be a petition started for those who oppose uranium mining in Nunatsiavut.
    British Colombia and Nova Scotia had the smartest idea when they legislated outright bans on uranium mining in their provinces along with other provinces making similar decisions. There is a reason why they have made these decisions for their provinces, because uranium mining can NOT be done safely, there is absolutely NO guarantee that this is possible despite all of the lies, brainwashing and bribing coming from companies like Aurora travelling throughout Nunatsiavut doing their very one sided "community consultations" The people of Labrador really need to do their research before making up their minds on something that will drastically change Our Beautiful Land forever.
    If Aurora goes ahead with this mine there will be tailings piles and waste ponds, the water, ground and air will be contaminated with radioactive wastes. It WILL find it's way into the water we drink, into the plants and berries and into the flesh of the animals and fish we eat. Science has not found a way yet to deal with these problems, this is a fact. The people of Labrador need to realize this before it's to late!