Monday, November 29, 2010

Nunatsiavut Day

Labrador Inuit will come together on December 1, to celebrate the fifth anniversary of the creation of Nunatsiavut.

It’s already been five years since the Labrador Inuit Land Claims Agreement was signed.

Jim Lyall is the President of Nunatsiavut.

He says we’ve come a long way since the country watched as Labrador Inuit celebrated the birth of Nunatsiavut.

To mark this special occasion, the Nunatsiavut Government will host a variety of events in each of the Labrador Inuit Communities.

Events will range from feasts and parades to contests and live entertainment.

Lyall is encouraging all Labrador Inuit to help celebrate the fifth anniversary of the creation of Nunatsiavut.


  1. why should we take part.the only communities that benifit from the goverment over the last 5 years was nain and hopedale,

  2. Don't forget Upper lake Melville who most likely benefit the most, and they are not in the land claims area.

    But the truth is that many people in the communities you mention are not benefiting either, the lost forgotten people with no voice.

  3. ULM don't celebrate Nunatsiavut Day. Shows the true colors. Just wants the money and don 't celebrate who they are. A sad day indeed for upper lake Melville. In Nunatsiavut there was kinds of celebration of who we are.

  4. The first comment is VERY accurate, I don't see any benefits in our community. It's only Nain, Hopedale and Upper Lake Melville. President Lyall has let our membership down and I am sorry I supported him last time around-I won't make that mistake twice. Time for new leadership in Nunatsiavut and according to one comment on a previous brief,(MINISTER POTTLE AND PREMIER WILLIAMS) new leadership provincially is needed too. I AGREE IT'S TIME FOR LYALL AND POTTLE TO RESIGN