Monday, November 8, 2010

Fire at Nain Husky Centre Caused by Minors

Over the weekend in Nain, the RCMP and Nain Fire Brigade were called to another fire incident.

Constable Bill Miller is with Nain RCMP Detachment and officer on scene.

He says their detachment receive two consecutive phone calls on November 6, at approximately 11pm reporting a fire near the Nain Husky Centre.

Miller says both he and Constable Brian Tallenbach attended the scene.

He says upon arriving, the fire had already been put out by the usage of about a half dozen fire extinguishers.

Then within a minute or two, the Nain Fire Brigade showed up and sprayed foam on the area the fire had happened.

Miller says they sprayed the foam for precautionary reasons and because the scent of stale gasoline or kerosene was still lingering.

He says the investigation is now complete with nobody in custody, no charges laid and none will be made.

Miller says this is because the persons involved are all under the age of 12.

He says that after identifying all of the children involved, RCMP has met with their parents and it is now up to the parents for discipline.

Miller adds that one child had burnt marks on pants for what they assume the child was trying to put out the fire and who is okay.

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