Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Home Heat Rebate Program

The Newfoundland and Labrador Home Heating Rebate Program for 2010-11 has been announced and is now open for applicants.

The rebate program will once again provide financial assistance to those who qualify in the province.

Mark King is the Director of Communications for the Department of Finance.

He says the home heating rebate is available to residents in the province who directly incur costs to heat their homes in the fall and winter.

This applies to families whose income is $40,000 or less and regardless of the primary source of heat, either electricity, wood or stove oil.

Anyone applying has to have a receipt or slip of purchase of oil or wood they bought to be eligible for the assistance.

Here is a scale downed example of rebate amount for coastal Labrador communities:

Adjusted family income $35,000 maximum rebate is $500.00

$36,000 -$420.00
$37,000- $340.00
$38,000- $260.00
$39,000- $180.00
$40,000 -$100.00

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