Friday, November 19, 2010

Lower Churchill Project Deal

A $6.2 billion agreement has been reached in the Lower Churchill Project.

Premier Danny Williams joined Nova Scotia Premier, Darrell Dexter, to make the announcement yesterday.

Nalcor Energy and Emera Inc. have come to an agreement on the $6.2 billion deal.

The 35-year deal includes the Muskrat Falls Generating Station, Labrador Transmission, Labrador-Island Transmission Link and the Maritime Link.

The agreement will not only see Lower Churchill project become a reality, but the Innu Nation will benefit significantly as well.

Under the Churchill Falls Hydroelectric Development Redress Agreement, the Innu will receive annual payments commencing on the execution of the Impacts Benefit Agreement until 2041.

The payments will amount to $2 million annually.

That amount will also see an annual increase of 2.5%.

The mega project’s lines will go directly from Muskrat Falls, cut to Southern Labrador, dip under the sea to Newfoundland’s Northern Peninsula and straight to St. John’s.

Branching off, the power lines will turn towards South Western Newfoundland, dip again under the sea and connect to New Brunswick and Nova Scotia.

Muskrat Falls will produce a whopping 824 megawatts of power.

Of that the Province of Newfoundland and Labrador will use 524 megawatts.

The remaining 300 megawatts will go to to Nova Scotia.

The Lower Churchill project is scheduled to begin in 2011.

The construction phase is expected to last approximately six years.


  1. WJM...are you unaware of what is going on? You said "Maybe eventually it'll really happen." Sorry to burst your bubble, but the deal has happened. Also, it has only been Premier Danny Williams that has tried to get a Lower Churchill deal, this was his baby.

  2. don't understand why the NG. never got involved in the deal beneficeries also trapped and used the churchill river, or is it because it's not on the north coast. fight for your people,in the upper lake melville area as well.Never heard a peep out of patty pottle for not sending power to the north coast, must like the diesel power

  3. What "deal" has happened?

    The only "deal" announced last week was a "deal" to keep talking until after the provincial election in 2011.