Thursday, March 25, 2010

OKâlaKatiget Website

With new websites, glitches and problems commonly occur.

This was the issue with our new site.

The glitches encountered were in our ‘Radio Briefs’ and ‘Requests’ pages.

In the ‘Requests’ sector, spamming was continuously happening.

Spamming is a term for when people and/or businesses post links to their website.

This can also provide a way of infecting a computer with a virus.

In the ‘Radio Briefs’ page, an account with a specific website was mandatory.

Now that issue has been addressed and fixed.

Josh Pamak is our website creator.

Pamak says anyone can post comments on our ‘Radio Briefs’ page once again.

But profanity will not be tolerated!

As for spamming, we will monitor these postings and delete them.

So if you’d like to post your comments or requests visit:

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