Friday, March 26, 2010

Air Ambulance to be Stationed in Goose Bay

The Air Ambulance has been moved to Goose Bay.

A press release from the Nunatsiavut Government was released yesterday.

In the release, President Lyall clearly states that it is more logical to have it in Goose Bay.

Some people believed it should be in Labrador West.

Others disagreed, saying it should be in Goose Bay.

Especially since Goose Bay is the central port for all of Labrador.

So with it being there, it would better benefit Nunatsiavut.

The Provincial Government also announced yesterday that the ambulance will be stationed there.

8.7 million dollars will be spent to replace the old air ambulance.

And to train a second medical flight team in Goose Bay.

The air ambulance was originally stationed in St. Anthony, NL.

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