Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Hopedale-Hebron Trek

A trek from Hopedale to Hebron and back started on March 12th.

The walk will finish June 30th.

Christine Vincent is the Community Health Worker for Hopedale.

The trek is 840 km.

Or one million, one hundred and ten thousand, eight hundred steps.

There are 104 people registered for the trek.

Vincent says the purpose of the event is to promote a healthy lifestyle.

She adds that walking lowers blood pressure and cholesterol.

And it lowers a person’s risk of heart disease.

It also provides health benefits to those living with diabetes.

People who finish the walk will have their name entered into a random draw to receive a prize.

The prize is a mini laptop.

The winner will be announced on Canada Day.

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  1. Are they really walking from Hopedale to Hebron or the equivalent. It's about 200 km, another 260km from Nain to Hebron on skidoo.