Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Air Inuit to Nain

Air Inuit is making special flights to Nain for Easter again.

The first flight is scheduled for Thursday, April 1st.

They will leave kuujuak at 10 AM and arrive at Kangidlualudjuak at 10:40.

They depart Kangidlualudjuak at 11 AM and arrive in Nain at 1:30 local time.

They head back at 2 PM Labrador time, arriving in Kangidlualudjuak at 2:30.

They’ll return to kuujuak at 3:30 Eastern Time.

The next flight is on Monday, April 5th.

The departure times and the arrival times will be the same as on April 1st.

If anyone in Nain would like to make reservations or needs more information, Air Inuit has a toll free number.

The number is 1-800-361-2965.

Again that’s 1-800-361-2965.

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