Monday, March 29, 2010

Holy Week and Easter

Holy Week and Easter is a busy time for the Moravian Church in Labrador.

More so in the Nain church than anywhere else.

Holy Week starts on Saturday, March 27th and goes to Easter Monday, April 5th

In that time they will have 34 church services in all.

One highlight of these church services is the Confirmation service.

It takes place at 3 PM on Palm Sunday.

This year two young people were confirmed into Holy Communion.

They are Sarah Kohlmeister and Lizzie Okkuatsiak.

The other highlight is the Sun-rise service on Easter Sunday morning.

The Sun-rise service usually starts at the church a half hour before sun rise.

They then proceed to the cemetery to conclude the service.

At this time they announce the names of people who have passed on since last Easter.

The Easter Holidays conclude with a closing service at 5 PM on Monday.

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