Thursday, December 31, 2009

Kirk Andersen Memorial Volleyball T ournament

The Kirk Andersen Memorial Volleyball was held on the 27th and 28th of December.

Holly Andersen is a resident of Makkovik.

Andersen, who is Kirk’s sister, gave us the details of the tournament.

She says this year there were eight teams; five female and three male.

Unfortunately, no teams from out of town played in the tournament.

The final match for the females was played by ‘Uttuasuk’ and ‘Kickin’ It Old Skool’, with ‘Kickin’ It Old School’ taking home the gold.

As for the males, the final match was played by ‘Grumpy Old Men’ and ‘Pon’s Char’; the ‘Grumpy Old Men’ won the gold.

Andersen says they also give out Most Valuable Player (MVP) & Most-Sportsmanlike Player awards, which is voted on by the athletes.

This year the MVP’s were Trent Pottle and Nina Ford, while the Most Sportsmanlike Player Awards went to Ruth Broomfield and Trent Pottle.

Andersen would like to add that the matches were very exciting and intense and is very happy with the turnout of the tournament.

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